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Re-Defining the Role of People Operations as a Value-Driver:Attract top talent in a hyper-competitive marketplace through data analytics and targeted brandingRetain key performers while a ...

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Radical Innovation with Sanofi Pasteur

You know Sanofi Pasteur for its vaccines, not its HR strategies – that’s where Celine Schillinger, Head of Quality Innovation & Engagement, comes in. We interviewed her ahead of her session at the People Operations for Life Sciences Summit, to get a sense of the culture, employee retention, and cont ...

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CEOs, General Managers, and HR specialists representing top brands from the industry are already signing up to join us at the summit. Will you be there to meet and network with them?

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Employees are About to Switch Jobs

A recent Randstad Pharma Engagement Study found that 51% of pharmaceutical employees are likely to be seeking new employment at any given time. If you want to avoid this turnover in your organization, read on, and find out what employees want from an ideal employer.

Convince Your Boss Letter

Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming People Operations for Life Sciences Summit this January - February in Boston and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us! 

5 Easy Steps to Success in the New Life Sciences Job Market

The improved global economic climate has triggered an aggressive appetite for growth, leaving the hiring freezes, redundancies and job insecurity that once characterized the job market behind. Firms are once again looking for the best human capital to fuel their future growth plans, job vacancies ar ...

HR strategy: How to engage and retain your MVPs

As the war for talent rages on, big companies face a battle to keep their top talent. Just like in elite sports, the best of the best—the most valuable players—are highly-coveted. HR professionals: You must act fast to make sure you have the strategy to help your organization engage and retain your ...

Understanding the HR “Y’s” and Why Nots of the Millennial Generation

By 2020, the Millennial generation – also known as Gen-Y, will make up 50% of the workforce. Why should that matter to HR leaders? Because Millennials have different workplace needs, expectations and motivators than previous generations. Find out what Millennials value in the workplace, and how to r ...

Top 10 Pharma Companies: Who's Recruiting?

As the Pharmaceutical industry continues to expand, it is important to know the areas of interest that recruiters are currently focused on. Learn more about these areas, as well as the top 10 pharmaceutical firms according to the Forbes Fortune 500 ranking, in this article from the Pharma IQ. 

Merger Management: Insights from the Life Sciences Industry

We sat down to discuss the hyperactive Life Sciences MnA market with Kim Shriver, Vice President of Talent Management & Human Resources Technology at Perrigo and Steven Steckler, Head of Transformation Management and HR Integration for MnA at Merck KGaA.

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It Works! People Innovation in the Industry

Celine Schillinger, Head of Quality Innovation & Engagement at Sanofi Pasteur, describes a unique experience of purpose-based, large-scale movement taking place at the vaccine manufacturer. In just a year, the results are impressive. Read more in advance of her session at the summit!

New Chemistry: Getting the Biopharmaceutical Talent Formula Right

Although drug approvals peaked in 2012, they have otherwise remained below 40 per year since 2002 even as R&D spending has increased. HR must be at the forefront of ensuring their organizations are properly equipped with the right mix of people and talent in R&D. Download this report by PwC...

Developing Metrics Around Workforce Planning

Lois Makoid, Ph.D., at NC Research, discusses the techniques needed to determine appropriate staff levels during the next five years. She shares low-cost, easy-to-use ways of determining your organization's key drivers for headcount, identifying common trends within your workforce and how to be more analytical with planning. If you prefer...

Retention of Talent in the Pharma Industry

In an ever-changing environment like the pharma industry, the need to develop and foster existing talent is extremely crucial. The importance of maturing and retaining staff members is especially true for Generation Y employees, who have different desires and needs than previous generations. Learn more about job mobility, workplace values,...

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